The Writer Gene

noun thē wrī-tər\ gēn\

A peculiar piece of DNA that compels you to express yourself in words, and ties you to everyone else who possesses it.

July 2013

July 30, 2013

Do You Have the Writer Gene?

Reblogged from The Huffington Post – 5-29-13 About twenty years ago I had a critical decision to make in my life.  I had moved out to Los Angeles to pursue both screenwriting and acting, had studied at some prestigious schools, and had begun to pick up bits of work on both fronts.  The problem was, - Read More -

July 16, 2013

Writing in Your Sleep

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of making a writing schedule for yourself and sticking to it while working a day job or spending time on other creative endeavors.  Now I’d like to share another technique that I often use in my process, particularly when I don’t have as much time to - Read More -

July 2, 2013

Making Writing Time

Over the course of my writing life there have been wondrous times where I’ve had the luxury of being a full-time writer without having to do anything else for a living.  Unfortunately this isn’t one of those times. The silver lining of this little fun fact however, is that I haven’t had to sell burglar alarms - Read More -